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"A letter to the King" .Même l'ancien premier ministre demis Thaksin Shinawatra, leader en exil des Chemises rouges et du parti de l'UDD écrit "une lettre au roi" dans les magazien de propagande du mouvement, ici dans le camp rouge de Ratchaprasong pendant la révolte de 2010.<br />
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Eng :Magazines of the Red shirts propaganda in the barricade camp of Ratchaprasong in the center of Bangkok. Near the portrait of Thaksin, a issue titled "A letter to the king". The Reds were very carefull with the king mentions and no critic was publicly allowed. Any infrigmement of the rule is passible of 15 years of jail . The government of Abbhisit used this accusation against 18 of the red shirts leaders.