An evening at Tiananmen Square

24 images Created 24 May 2009

At Tiananmen square, the evening is a special moment. It's the time of the national flag ceremony, which attracts hundreds of tourists every day, the time where students gather, where couples meet, where some tired migrants try to rest. It's also at sunset that the police evacuates the square before the night, by fear of a new occupation, since 1989...And that was at night that the People's Liberation Army began the "evacuation" on June 3-4 1989, killing hundreds of protestors. Twenty years later, the square remains between remembrance and oblivion. Most of the young chinese don't know much about what happened there - their parents didn't speak about. But they share the square with all those who were part or witnesses of June 1989, and have inevitabily clear remembrances.
Children are playing, cops are keeping an eye on everybody, tourists are taking pictures of themselves, while some teenagers are dreaming of becoming soldiers...Even if everything seems quiet and smooth, even if China has changed and the population of the square too, as nobody had expected the events of 1989, nobody can say today if things are really forgotten.
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