Bangkok in Turmoil

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April - May 2010 Bangkok .
The fight between Red shirts and government militants lasted two months in the heart of the capital. Ratchaprasong a touristic and commercial area in the heart of the capital became a barricaded camp after the massacre of 15 march on the Radjadomnoen avenue. During two months a mix of new charismatic leaders, idealists, simple militants, gangsters turned policians, peasants, professors, strollers faced the army and the pro-governement demonstrators in what was the begining of a social revolution... But the lack of unity in the red movement and the bad political strategy led to the failure of negociations with the P.M Abbhisit and gave him the opportunity to attack the camp on may 19th. 91 deaths, more than 1500 wounded, the leaders arrested... The Red movement in Bangkok was defeated but the social and political transformation didin't stopped with it and one year later, the Red shirts party (Puea Thai) won the elections, leading Thaksin sister, Yingluck Shinawatra, to the head of the government.
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