Labrang- Tibetan Margins At The Crossroads

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Xiahe (Labrang monastery) nov. 2008

Nine months after the riots that erupted in the monastery of Labrang (Xiahe, Sangchu), the region which was reputed calm has just been reopened to foreigners in october , while the pilgrims are coming back day after day. But the town is still under stress while several trials have been settled this november. The military police is present in the streets to avoid reactions after the condemnations, and the whole monastery is under supervision. But Tibetans say that nothing is forgotten and they feel more than ever close with Lhassa and the Dalai Lama. Even they were used to stay out of politics before, they affirm now that everything is possible.

February 2009
The 26th of January the chinese authorities have decided to close again the tibetan area of Gansu to foreigners, and specially the monastery of Labrang, by fear of demonstrations during the celebrations of the new year and the anniversaries of 2008's riots and the flight of the Dalai Lama in march 1959.

April 2009
A new demonstration hold, leaded by the students of Xiahe.

December 2009
The monastery has reopened to foreigners, but troops of People's Armed Police have increased... People openly speak about their anger.

May 2010
Demonstration in Maqu. A campaign has started against artists singer, writers who don't follow the official line in their work.

December 2011
A tibetan man is found dead after he has been arrested by the police in Xiahe, a mob rampages the police station in Amuquhu some kilometers far where the victim was from.

January 2012
A new victim is annunced by tibetan organisations in Xiahe (Labrang monastery) while unrest and immolations soread in the neighbouring province of Sichuan.
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