Lanzhou, Lost in Pollution.

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December 2009- January 2010 - China.

Lanzhou, capital of the Gansu province, with 3 millions of inhabitants, is one of the most polluted cities of China, and in the world's top 10 for atmospheric pollution due to human activity. The town has a record of pollution, with a TSP (total suspended particules) more than 300% above the chinese government itself maximum recommandations. The whole town is overlaid by a thick lay of polluted dust from car traffic and factories' emissions which fills the air.
Despite some governmental efforts those last years to reduce the impact of the industrial activity, this developping city has a difficult challenge to face. The province of Gansu is one of the poorest of China and has to keep developping, while many factories are situated in the center of the town itself and continue to reject coal smoke they use for their production.
In addition, Lanzhou is situated between two hills along the Yellow River, and the polluted clouds remain blocked over the town. The sky is most of the time hidden by the pollution.
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